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Background on Tears in Blood:

Tears in Blood: Echoes of the Past was originally a short story/novella I wrote in high school for an English project. Or at least, the ideas of what I’m turning into Tears in Blood started from that manuscript. As the book blurb on the website says, it’s a story about a group of archeologists who are tasked with excavating an ancient palace. There is a legend in Decabado about an ancient evil being sealed away there, but the king of Decabado and the scholars don’t believe in such superstitions.

Tears in Blood is a fantasy novel with some suspense elements revolving around unraveling mysteries about the fall of the Sun Empire and the tension of will they encounter the evil or not. It’s also a book that forces the main characters to confront their own viewpoints of the world and challenges them.

I’m happy that this is going to be my debut novel and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Currently, I’m working on revising the rough draft and will seek editors soon.

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