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Tears in Blood: Echoes of the Past

“History is a record of humanity’s penchant for self-destruction.”

After a harsh childhood spent living on the streets, Bertram has never thought much of humanity. He learned that people are selfish, cruel, and power hungry – and his work as an imperial scholar and archeologist hasn’t changed his mind. But his second-in-command, Lady Aria Ardante, holds a different view of people and their potential. She views the mistakes of societies past as a guide for humanity to grow and change. She is determined to find these forgotten lessons and prove to everyone she is more than just a nobleman’s youngest daughter.

Their lucky break comes when they are sent to the ancient ruins of the allied city-state of Decabado. The bright, almost glowing, city was built on top of the ruins of the Blood Dawn Empire, which collapsed suddenly after a mysterious civil war tore apart the royal family. Centuries later, no one really knows what happened in the final days of the world’s greatest empire, but both Bertram and Aria have their own theories about what led to its fall.

However, research materials might not be the only things lurking in the ruins. Legends tell of a great evil sealed behind those crumbling walls – an evil, if unleashed, would rampage with impunity once again. Alongside the citizens of Decabado, Bertram and Aria must unravel the truth about the fall of the Blood Dawn Empire before darkness and terror swallow the city whole, and everything is lost to history once again.

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