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Meet the Characters of Tears in Blood:

Hey Ya’ll

Today I want to talk more about my upcoming book, Tears in Blood: Echoes of the Past. I am still at work on finishing the rough draft to send into professional editors. However, I want to talk a little about the characters. So I will outline a few of them below.

Bertram: One of the two main protagonists of the story, a cynical man who often sees the worst in people and treats everyone around him accordingly. He has a brilliant mind, but lacks in people skills. Bertram can be personable and professional, if need be, but when he doesn’t need to be… just watch out. He is tasked with leading the expedition into the ruins near Decabado alongside Aria. Bertram harbors many secret ambitions.

Aria Adante: Aria is the heir to one of the most powerful noble lines in her empire. Coming from a line of scholars through both sides of her family, scholarship is natural to her. An astute student of history, she was motivated to become an archeologist so she could have adventures away from home as she feels her family has sheltered her too much in her life. Aira is a kind woman who tries to see the best in others, leading people to perceive her as a blind optimist. But is she really? Aria is driven to prove herself as a leader and often has a mind for comradery that her co-leader lacks.

Nina: Nina is Aria’s long time school friend. A woman from a less off background, she seems a bit of a mismatch for Aria but the pair are a duo who play off each other’s strengths well. Nina is an avid learner who wants to provide for her family back home.

King Allegro: Decabado’s king. A boisterous man who is short of patience. He seeks to discover the secrets of the ruins so he can build over them and expand his city without international outrage over destroying such a heritage site. Ambitious to be sure, but he can be short-sighted.

Jonathan: He is the leader of the main religious order in Decabado. He objects to the excavation as he believes in the stories of an ancient evil being sealed away. A cantankerous older man who is unafraid to go after what he sees as wrong.

These are just five of the characters in Tears in Blood: Echoes of the Past. I hope I will be able to provide more information on the book and release it to you all as soon as possible.

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